We regret Pronuntia Will be closed by the end of August 2018

Dear users of Pronuntia.

After three years of hard working, we announce we are going to stop working on this project.


Servers will be shut down by the end of August 2018 and that means the Mobile App is not accessible anymore.


It is harmful to us, as it has been a great project to work on, but we have been finding problems over problems, people giving up at halfway through the project.


Thank you to all of you, more than 3,000 users that decided to sign up and learn some pronunciations, natively in the country you chose.


It is a shame that a database of more than 200,000 audios will disappear soon; indeed, we are open to transfer this project to anyone that desires to continue it. Please check the tab "Contact"


We are leaving some visual material to remember what this app was about, below this post.


Thank you all!


The members of the Pronuntia Team

(Carlos, Jony, Rafa)

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